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Forecasting Policy Information

My name is Jon Barker and I am the designated Avalanche Forecaster.  Here is a basic outline of the avalanche monitoring program.

A.     I will observe snowpack structure and record snowpit info throughout the year.  I will be evaluating new snowfall hazard as well as monitoring potential weak layers within the existing snowpack.

B.     I will observe daily weather info and obtain forecasts from the Northwest Avalanche Center.

C.     The ACC Board will maintain two warning signs on Ober Strasse Road, one at each end of the avalanche zone approximately 200 ft apart. These signs will be visible on the snow bank from the road.

D.     When I determine the avalanche hazard is high on Ober Strasse Road and a slide is likely to occur, the ACC Board will be notified and they will change the signs to read "High Avalanche Hazard, No Stopping Or Walking" or alternative wording that the ACC board has chosen.  In addition, a notice will be posted on the individual lots, numbers 34 through 47, stating the avalanche hazard is high and listing precautions to take.  Travel is not recommended on the road through the avalanche zone when the signs on the road read "High Avalanche Hazard".   If you choose to travel through the avalanche zone during these times, I recommend you have another vehicle watching you or that you are in radio or cell phone communication until you pass through the avalanche zone. This would allow someone to call for a rescue should you get caught in a slide. All "High Avalanche Hazard" signs will be removed by the ACC Board once Barker Consulting has removed the "High Avalanche Hazard" warning.

E.     There will also be a fixed sign at the base of Ober Strasse Road reading: Warning Avalanche Area Ahead, No Stopping On Roadway, Members and Guests Only. This sign, the two warning signs and the corresponding "High Avalanche Hazard" signs are the property and the responsibility of the ACC Board.  These signs wording and placement are also the responsibility of the ACC Board.  Any questions or comments concerning the avalanche warning signs should be directed to the ACC Board.

F.     I will keep records of snowpits and my snowpack observations as well as record any pertinent avalanche activity on the slope and adjacent slopes.

G.     There is a phone line with a recorded message, which lists current avalanche hazard warnings. This phone number is (509) 780-9499. This message is changed immediately with any change in the avalanche hazard warning.

H.     There is a website that displays the current avalanche hazard for Ober Strasse Road.  This website is updated anytime there is a change in the avalanche hazard warning.  The website is, www.oberstrasse.com.

I can be reached at (509) 780-9599.  The other forecasters for Barker Consulting are Lee Redden and Jeff Taipale, Lee can be reached at (206) 313-4582 and Jeff at (206) 920-9242. It is important to note that only natural avalanches will be forecasted for, therefore, all ACC members, guests, and renters must be advised not to travel and/or ski on this slope.

Guidelines for Ober Strasse Residents

Some avalanche hazard exists at all times. Avalanche hazard will rise during periods of heavy snowfall, rapid warming, rain or newly fallen snow. It is important to heed high avalanche warnings; warnings will be placed on the Ober Strasse road only during times that a slide is likely to reach the road surface.  Each avalanche path has different characteristics, depending on risk factors such as snowpack structure, slope aspect, elevation, snow depth, wind loading, current temperature, and the temperature trend. For this reason, Barker Consulting's avalanche hazard rating for Ober Strasse may differ from the regional forecasts for the Cascades issued by the Northwest Avalanche Center.


You can assist by alerting other homeowners and guests not to travel on this slope. Barker Consulting's risk assessment will be based only on the potential for natural slides. Barker Consulting will not be forecasting for human-triggered slides.

Your ACC contact person is Jason Townsley. You can reach Jason at 206-313-1505.

Please assist in the avalanche awareness program by educating other homeowners, renters and guests.


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