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This photo was taken on May 4, 2008 with approximately 100 inches of snowpack on the Snoqualmie Pass D.O.T. weather plot.  This photo shows that the path is actually comprised of a North and a South starting zone.  The estimated dimensions of the potential starting zones are outlined.  These are relatively small starting zones and at 100 inches of snow depth many trees are still visible as well as numerous stumps within the zones.  The South starting zone is not quite as steep as the North starting zone and not quite as wide at the top.  It would most likely take a slightly deeper snowpack depth to overcome the anchors in the south starting zone in order for it to initially release.  Both starting zones, if they were to release and reach the road, would end up depositing snow relatively in the same area of Ober Strasse.


This photo shows the protective avalanche fences, which were put in place in 1999.  It also shows the remaining path in between the north and south fences.  The location of the two avalanche warning signs along Ober Strasse road is also noted.  The length of roadway between these two signs is the area which would potentially be affected by slide debris if this path were ever to release and run to the road.  This path is relatively small being thirty to fifty feet wide at the top of its two starting zones.  The vertical distance from the roadway to the top of the starting zones is 300 vertical feet.


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